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Perguntas que as famílias vão fazer na entrevista

Tia Bruna, o que as famílias vão me perguntar na entrevista?
Surgiu no Grupo de Au Pair do Facebook alguém que conseguiu uma espécie de guia que orienta as host families no processo de fechar o match com uma futura au pair. Chama-se "A 3-step guide to the Matching Process". Dei uma lida em tudo e copiei aqui a parte que interessa - as perguntas que as famílias vão fazer na hora das entrevistas. 
Se segura na cadeira, prepara a mentirada  na ponta da língua e vem comigo:

Child Care Experience
• What times of the day do you normally take care of children?
• What is the longest amount of time that you have taken care of children by yourself?
•Was this during the daytime or evening? How did you feel at the end of that time?
• What experience do you have changing diapers ( “nappies”), preparing lunches, cooking
meals for children, driving children around? (You should ask about child care
activities that you would assign to her.)
• What do you do when a child does something he should not do?
• What do you do when you ask a child to do something and he won’t listen?
• How can you make bed time fun and easy?
• If a child gets angry and cries and kicks, what would you do?
• What can you do if a brother and sister are fighting, arguing, or can’t play together
• What can you do if two children want your attention at the same time?
• How can you help a child who cries when his mother leaves?
• Give an example of a specific situation when your child was difficult and ask what the
applicant would have done had they been caring for the child.
• Have you ever taken care of more than one child by yourself? How did you feel?

• Do you think of yourself as a supervisor, teacher, friend, or playmate when you are
taking care of children? Why?
• Do you prefer to take care of children who are a certain age? Gender? Why?
• What activities do you like to do with children?
• What age child have you helped with homework? What courses did you like the most
in school? What courses did you do the best in at school?

Homesickness and culture shock
• What is the longest period of time you have spent away from your family and friends?
Did you ever get sad or lonely because you were away from them? When did you miss
them most? What did you do about it?
• Have you ever spent time in another country? What things were the same? What
things were different? What was the most difficult thing to figure out while you were
• What do your parents think about your decision to become an au pair/companion? Do
you think they will visit you while you are in the U.S.? How do you plan to keep in
touch with them?
• Do you have a significant other? If so, how do they feel about your decision to become
an au pair/companion? Do you think they will visit you while you are in the U.S.?
How do you plan to keep in touch with them?
• What do you do when you’re sad?
• What do you do when you feel like you are under a lot of pressure?

Fitting into your lifestyle
• Do you live with your family members now? If not, when was the last time that you
• Do your parents have any rules that you must follow while you are in the house? Do
you let your parents know where you are going and what time you will return? Do you
have to be home by a certain time at night? How do you feel about house rules?
• Based on the time of day that you will start work (give a concrete example), what time
do you think you would need to be asleep in order to take good care of the children the
next day?
• Who is responsible for things like cooking, cleaning and doing laundry in your house?
How much is everyone expected to help? How much do you help?
• Describe your town or city. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?
• Tell what you usually do from the time that you wake up until the time that you go to
sleep. How much television do you watch? How much time do you spend reading or
doing other quiet activities? How much time do you spend with other people? How
much time do you spend talking on the telephone?
• If someone were to describe you, what would they say? How would they describe the
way you act with other people? How would they describe the way you act with children?

• If you took a picture of your room right now, what would it look like? Are you neat or
messy? How would you feel living with someone who is neat or messy?
• Do you plan your day in advance or do you like things to “just happen”?
• When you go out with your friends (and/or significant other), where do you typically
go? What do you typically do? How many times each week do you go out with

Family life
• Describe the kind of relationship that you have with your parents. Describe the kind
of relationship that you have with your brothers and sisters. What activities do you do
together as a family? What is your favorite thing to do together?
• What is the best memory you have of your family?
• When you make a decision, who are you most likely to ask for advice?
• Who will you miss the most? Why?

• How many times a year do you usually go to the doctor because you are sick?
• Do you regularly see the doctor for a medical condition such as allergies, asthma, diabetes,
epilepsy, etc.?
• Do you regularly take any medication?
• What are your favorite foods to eat? What kinds of foods do you usually eat? Are
there any kinds of foods that you cannot eat? Are you a vegetarian? Do you follow a
kosher diet?
• Do you have any allergies (ask specifics) to pets that you did not put down on your application
form? Are you comfortable around pets?
• Do you smoke cigarettes on a daily basis? Do you smoke cigarettes when you go out
at night? If so, do you think that you will be able to stop smoking when you are in the
house and car and around the children?

 Educational and cultural issues

• What things would you like to see and do while you are in the U.S.? Do you have any
hobbies or activities that you would like to continue doing while in the U.S.? Are there
any new activities that you would like to do while in the U.S.?
• What classes would you like to take while you are in the U.S.?
• What do you plan to do at the end of your year? What do you think you will be doing
two years from now? Five years from now?

Driver’s license (if applicable)
• How many months or years have you been driving? How many times per week do
you drive? What kinds of roads do you normally drive on (highway, “motorway”,
• What kind of vehicle do you drive?
• Have you ever been stopped by a policeman while you were driving because you did
something wrong? If so, what happened?
• Have you ever had a traffic accident? If so, what happened?
• Do you know where you can get an international driver’s license or where you can find
out how to get an international driver’s license?
• How would you feel about driving the children (list specifics)?
• How would you feel if we cannot provide you with a car?
• Can you drive a manual transmission (car with manual gears)? Are you responsible
for taking care of a car now?

Bem, minha gente, espero ter ajudado. Eu devo ter esse manual completo salvo em algum lugar do meu computador, quem quiser é só me escrever que eu encaminho.
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